Frequently Asked Questions


 1. What can I do if I did not receive an email with the password to my email address? 

Please check your spam box. If you don't find an email with the password there please create a new account using a different email address.


2. Where can I find the University of Warsaw Language Proficiency Form?

The University of Warsaw Language Proficiency Form is available at 



3. Do I have to send the original application documents by post?

We require the original UW Application Form signed and stamped by your home university so we need to receive it by post. 



4. Do I have to wait for verification of the on-line application before sending the documents by post?

No, please send the original University of Warsaw Application Form by post immediately after submitting the on-line application.


5. Do I need to have a B2 level of English?

Yes, all incoming students are required to have at least a B2 level of English or Polish. The only exception are students coming to study other languages (ex. a student of German studies is required to have a certificate proving his/her knowledge of German).


6. What is a Transcript of Records?

It is a list of courses you have already taken at your home university together with ECTS points and grades earned. It is issued by your home university.


7. I do not have a diploma yet. Can I send my high school diploma?

No, please send us your recent transcript of records.


8. Can a mark for a course in English language on the Transcript of Records be accepted in place of a language certificate?

No. We do require a language certificate with your current level of fluency clearly stated. If you do not have an internationally recognized language certificate please use the University of Warsaw Language Proficiency Form


9. Can I send the language certificate or my Transcript of Records in my native language?

No, both documents have to be issued in English.


10. I cannot find a list of courses for the next academic year. What shall I do?

Please choose courses based on the current offer. The University of Warsaw couse offer is available at or by browsing through the Directory at The list of courses chosen in the application form is not treated as the final Learning Agreement and you will be able to modify your selection at a later date. Please keep in mind that you are entitled to a maximum of 30 ECTS per semester.


11. I will get one of the required documents (language certificate, transcript of records) later. Can I submit the on-line application without it and send it afterwards?

No, the on-line application without all the required documents attached is incomplete and cannot be accepted.  


12. Where can I find information about University accommodation?

Information about University of Warsaw dormitories and guest houses is available at 


13. How can I apply for accommodation?

You apply for accommodation in the UW online application form. In the ACCOMMODATION section choose the option YES in the question: Does to student intend to apply for university accommodation. At least 6 weeks before the start of the semester you will receive information whether you have been assigned a place in one of the dormitories.


14. Can I move into the assigned dormitory just for a few weeks (while I look for accommodation)?

No, accommodation is assigned for the whole semester. 


15. Can I choose a single room at the dormitory?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose a dormitory. Places are assigned based on the order of receiving students' applications.


 16. Will I be assigned a place in a different dormitory if I don't like to place I was given?

No, each student can be assigned a place in a dormitory only once. It is not possible to move from one dormitory to another.